Ricky's Wall's State of Operations after 4 Months

Ricky's Wall just celebrated its 4th month as an entity on May 9th. The good news is so far we remain confident and we do not foresee any reasons yet to change our value proposition which is: Affordable, Diverse & Quality Caribbean Artworks.

We have screened the market and our price still remains very competitive comparing to other galleries with similar products. Signs of diversity are reflected all over our gallery: size, price, subject matter, orientation & texture. Ricky's wall does not sell printed canvas. All the artworks are pieces created by real Artists using mediums of Acrylic or Oil.  We scan and select paintings that are not readily available on the market to make sure that our customers are buying something unique. 

However, a value proposition's strength can only be assessed by the customers' willingness to support, buy, use & even promote the goods or service of an organization. Riccardo, the owner, understands this very well as a customer champion and when the customers speak, chat or email us, he listens and delivers.

We started the gallery with 30 x 40 in. paintings. 3 Weeks later, a follower contacted us: "My wall is already filled with all types of artworks. I would like to support you for promoting & selling the oeuvre from the Caribbean but I simply do not have any space left. All I can do is provide you some referrals. Good luck!!!". Thereafter, Ricky's Wall contacted the artists and requested smaller size paintings which would ultimately make our price more competitive. We were able to turn this follower to a customer who purchased 2 of our 12 x 16 in. collections.

Ricky's Wall tested the market with unstretched paintings and the feedback was about mostly neutral. One customer used our chatroom and said the following "I have bought several unstretched paintings from other galleries before and they are currently collecting dust in my garage. While I really like your arts, It is a bit of inconvenience for me to go stretched them. Would you consider stretching?". We have pivoted by introducing stretched paintings about 2 months ago and instantly the feedback from our Newsletter Subscribers has been positive. We have decided then to stretch the old artworks that were published as unstretched. They are currently being advertised as UPGRADED and in about 2 weeks from now, Ricky's Wall will no longer offer unstretched paintings.

We wanted to provide the visitors access to our product reviews so we tackled the next big stage which was the implementation of  2 applications on the back-end of the gallery: one that asks for feedback after a purchase and the other that displays the feedback on the site allowing our visitors to know that the reviews posted came from verified buyers. 

Ricky's Wall is in a better place today thanks to its network: the artists, the art curator, the frame shop, the facilitators, the followers & our special customers. It's a 360 Feedback that never ends and that is why we remain confident. The artists have interesting ideas that we are not able to implement yet either due to strategy or due to lack of logistics. We have recently obtained our SSL certificates to maintain your security & privacy at an optimum level. Now when you go on our gallery you will see the HTTPS followed by our domain name. This simply means that your connection is encrypted.

We are still testing different aspects of the market & we already assessed our weaknesses. One thing is certain we are not rushing the process and we do celebrate every little win.

This is what happens when you WOW your customers:

One of our followers sharing her contentment on Instagram

Instagram Feedback

A young couple just moved in and they needed the exact Caribbean touch that we offer:

A pix sent to us by a customer

Riccardo did a presentation for a married couple who recently renovated their home. After consultation, they purchased these two paintings. He was also able to help them with other artworks related inquiries. The paintings will undergo framing but to seize the moment we got you an instant pix. They were so happy that they treated him like a special guest but for privacy reasons, we did not publish their pix.

Ricky posing after closing a sale


& finally here is a sample of all the customer reviews we have been collected so far:


Ricky's Wall Customer Reviews

The community is growing & our foundation is getting stronger. Support us by following us on Instagram or Facebook, sharing our content and signing up for our Newsletter.
Riccardo Joseph

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