A Short Profile of Walgens Celeus

Walgens Celeus Profile Picture
Walgens Celeus was born in Cap Haitian, Haiti on February 7th, 1988. Drawing was his favorite past-time during childhood. Academically, he was very competitive and wanted to be the top of his class during each semester session. In fact, he achieved the highest grade for his school at the National Exam for 6th graders & this is when his journey as a painter has begun. To recognize his academic achievement, he had received a set of painting tools from the F.I.C. (Congregation of Christian Brothers). 
So, at the age of 12 he started painting at the AJAPCA workshop: a Cap Haitian Cooperative for young painters. In 2002, he then joined the group called NEP (an atelier of art focusing on natural landscape). 3 years later, he won the interscholastic drawing contest. In 2006, he attended a workshop on Art History that focused on color composition.
Walgens' Final Touch
Over the years, he became comfortable enough and started teaching at the NEP studio from 2007 until 2009. Thereupon, to improve his business & negotiation skills, he attended another cultural seminar on Small & Mid Business Management certified by the Ministry of Culture & Communication. Today, He is part of the movement called KYEYATIS: an Art Academy designed to promote Haiti's cuisine, music & paintings.
Walgens is in another league. His approach to painting is a bit different since he has mastered a fairly new painting style: Razor Blade Technique. His pieces are unique and defined by a silhouette of colors that strengthen his competitive advantage. His innovative touch, style, texture and technique add value and shape the Haitian Art industry. 

His love for the nature and his educational background inspire him to depict the everyday life & the Haitian landscape. He has already produced for the well known Haitian Rapper Christopher Laroche "Freedom". Below, you will see an abstract portrait he had created depicting the rapper:
Walgens depicts Christopher Laroche
Walgens has already sold more than 600 paintings. Over the years, he has built a loyal fan base in Europe. We have already published 2 of his paintings & today he has partnered with us to release his upcoming collection.
Riccardo Joseph

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