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As a professional model, Clara has always been a proud ambassador of her country of origin, Haiti. In 2010, Clara held the title of Miss Haiti international where her platform focused on showing the beauty of Haiti and its rich history and culture. She earned a bachelor's degree in fashion design and marketing and an MBA in project management. Throughout her professional career, Clara has organized and participated in several public events.

Clara is passionate about Modeling/fashion. She started modeling in Canada at the age of 5 and stopped until the age of 15 where she took some classes to sharpen her talent and also boost her confidence and acting skills. Clara is a motivational speaker and also a co-founder of ÉCLAT Haïti, inc., a non-profit organization aiming to empower rural Haiti. 

Clara D Philor's Profile

Ricky's Wall has partnered with Clara to bring you exotic modeling snippets on Canvas. These artworks are currently in process and will be revealed as soon as they are ready. Our intent is to have them framed for better exposure and displayed at private exhibition or galleries. These pieces will be HIGH premium quality and thus will go for a minimum of $1500.

                                                               Stay tuned for their release dates! 

                                         In the meantime, you can follow her on Instagram: @msclarap

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