Our Fans FAQs: Ricky's Wall Updates

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Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions from our fans: 

 1- Is Ricky "Riccardo Joseph" an artist?

No, he is a business-minded professional who is promoting and providing young artists & vendors a platform "Ricky's Wall" to showcase their talents.

 2 - Does Ricky's Wall have a physical Store?

Currently, we don't but Ricky also promotes & sells through private presentation that's why some pieces are only displayed at the frame shop and not published online.

3 - Do you provide Certificate of Authenticity?

Yes, we do and it's at no cost to the buyer.

4 - Do you offer framing options?

Yes, only if you reside in South Florida - Broward, Dade & Palm Beach counties. For framing inquiries, please reach out to us via Chat, email: (info@rickyswall.com) or phone: (800) 480-7210

5 - When can we expect Ricky's Wall first public event?

We are in the planning stage of evaluating events alternatives. However, we are currently cooperating with other institutions such as Eclat Haiti to raise awareness about our products.

A Bonus Pix: we are sorry: this is not a piece of art, this is Ricky😊!!!

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