Ricky's Wall After 1 Year

It has been 1 year already since we dared to enter the Arts & Crafts marketplace. Today, we are making a difference and we are well positioned to maintain our efforts & continue to strive in 2017 thanks to our loyal customers & fans. 

Ricky's Wall is all about uniqueness. What you see on our portal is hand-made, handpainted or customized. The pieces you find on our gallery cannot be found anywhere else. The quality of our items is also improving batches after batches and this is how we are able to build loyalty. Some of our paintings have now reached Mid-Premium level with a minimum introductory price of $1500 and those are primarily reserved for Private Presentation. We have introduced other product lines to bring you diversity & build relationships with other vendors to continue the fight on affordability. NaxesJewels is doing extremely well.

Here is the year in Review based on 2016 Compass Benchmark Report:

Ricky's Wall Report Header

Ricky's Wall Yearly Page Load

Ricky's Wall Time on Site

Ricky's Wall Page per Visit

Ricky's Wall Bounce Rate

We wish we could share more data with you. The Market feels our presence and some competitors are discounting their products at 65%. This means a win to you as a customer. It's clear that this is a tough market to be in because some of these metrics are considered super low if they were being evaluated for a different market. Our current opportunity is to increase our returning visitors to about 30%. Our page load will be a challenge because we are already preparing another launch for an exciting product line. With only $350 spent on marketing in 2016 & to be able to keep our fans happy, we have every reason to mark 2016 as a success. 

Thank you for your support 

Riccardo Joseph

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