Ricky's Wall State of Operations after 8 Months

It has been 8 months already & we would like to share some details with our fan base. The last 4 months have been a bit challenging simply due to forecasted low seasonality in the art market during Summer seasons. Thanks to your support, we have managed to keep it very entertaining.
      • We entered the Entry Premium market with 9 paintings from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Barbados & Cuba. These Premium paintings are usually listed for about $1200-$1500 minimum on the market. Ricky's Wall supply chain has allowed us to minimize cost and published those pieces for about half the market price.
      • We are now able to frame our paintings based on customer's request. Delivery for our framed pieces is only available in South Florida (Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties). 
      • We continue to WOW our art lovers by exceeding their expectations. We recently sold our most expensive piece and we did capture part of the journey for you.
Here is Ricky at the Frame Shop:
    Ricky at the Frame Shop
    When Ricky arrived at the collector's house:
    Ricky arrived at the Collector's house
    Job Well Done!!!
    Ricky: Job Well Done!!!
        • Our Newsletter Subscribers had the privilege to make offers on our pieces on 6/18 & 6/19. Ricky was live on the chatroom to seal some of the deals.
        • We have replaced the old live chat with a more intuitive & modern interface chat.
        • We have also customized our checkout so that Amazon customers can make purchases with their Amazon Account "Amazon Payments".
        • We have executed our First Giveaway Contest through Fishbowl Prize and the outcome has been excellent. We had over 800 participants who now became subscribers of our Newsletter. Here is the review that Mary Lynn, the winner, submitted to us:
    Mary Lynn's Product Review for Ricky's Wall
        • We have doubled the amount of our followers on Facebook and we have also announced our first Facebook Prize Giveaway. 
        • We are working everyday to improve our SEO performance and once we are satisfied with the results, we will start launching our first Paid Campaigns.

    Below is a sample of our customers Feedback (Part 2):

    Customer Review Part 2

    Hang tight!!! New paintings are on the way & very soon we will publish a new collection created by: Walgens Celeus. Support us by following us on Instagram or Facebook, sharing our content and signing up for our Newsletter.

    Riccardo Joseph

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