The Three Caravans (Large) - 29.75 x 39.25 by Raoul Marius - Ricky's Wall
The Intimate Moment With The Haitian Flag - High Premium 47 X 32.5 In. By Genenrich Pierre Painting
Azure Tropical - Mid Premium 48 X 36 In. By Daniel Reese Painting
Labadee Haiti Destination - Premium 23.5 X 20.5 In. By Genenrich Painting
Deep Sea Canoe Haiti - Premium 19.6 X 23.25 In. By Genenrich Painting
Fearless Pursuit - Premium 11.9 X 15.9 In. By Genenrich Pierre Painting
Redland - Premium 20.5 X 24 In. By Genenrich Painting
Dolphin Attraction (Part Ii) - High Premium 36 X 24 In. By R. Wiggins Painting
Twilight - Premium 19.3 X 23.3 In. By Genenrich Painting
The Orange Sunray - High Premium 36 X 24 In. By J. Chandler Painting

Learn about Sadrac Polone

Sadrac Polone


Personal life

Sadrac Polone was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After completing High-School from Spring Hill College located at Delmas, he attended l'Institut Superieur de Communication et de Langue Francaise (L’ISCOF) in 2008 to master the art of persuasion, expression and diversity. Despite of the devastating effect of the earthquake that occurred in January, 2010 and the poor finances of his family then, he continued his studies until receiving his certificate by the end of the year. His commitment and perseverance led him to reach the ultimate goal: the ability to think and express himself beyond his imagination which will be reflected in his arts.


The artist

Sadrac Polone ArtworkSadrac started painting at 19 years old thanks to the knowledge acquired in the L'ISCOF especially in art history and expression. He was influenced by another artist named Hermantin Rosee. However, he did not follow Hermantin’s style and line of work because his pieces were always too intricate to be captivated in the eyes of many. Sadrac then develops his own style and painting techniques that create a wide variety of colors leading to his passion for abstract. He enjoys watching people trying to discern the meaning behind his pieces.



Sadrac Polone Artwork The artist has already released 40 pieces of Arts in Orlando and City Hall of Tabarre – Haiti. His mentor, Kevens Prevaris, who is now a well-known Haitian artist residing in Bruxelles - Belgium, supervised his creations until he got his endorsement due to his art distinctiveness. His studies allow him to become a true communicator through surrealism and modern abstract. Lately, the artist was mostly producing to escape the political reality of Haiti.

“When I paint, I escape the political chaos that plunges Haiti into its economic crisis through arts” Sadrac. However, by finding Ricky’s Wall, the artist is very excited about producing more pieces in the coming months. Today, Ricky’s Wall is excited to promote his newest artworks which will be released soon.  

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Learn about Clara D. Philor

Clara Philor's Profile

As a professional model, Clara has always been a proud ambassador of her country of origin, Haiti. In 2010, Clara held the title of Miss Haiti international where her platform focused on showing the beauty of Haiti and its rich history and culture. She earned a bachelor's degree in fashion design and marketing and an MBA in project management. Throughout her professional career, Clara has organized and participated in several public events.

Clara is passionate about Modeling/fashion. She started modeling in Canada at the age of 5 and stopped until the age of 15 where she took some classes to sharpen her talent and also boost her confidence and acting skills. Clara is a motivational speaker and also a co-founder of ÉCLAT Haïti, inc., a non-profit organization aiming to empower rural Haiti. 

Clara D Philor's Profile

Ricky's Wall has partnered with Clara to bring you exotic modeling snippets on Canvas. These artworks are currently in process and will be revealed as soon as they are ready. Our intent is to have them framed for better exposure and displayed at private exhibition or galleries. These pieces will be HIGH premium quality and thus will go for a minimum of $1500.

                                                               Stay tuned for their release dates! 

                                         In the meantime, you can follow her on Instagram: @msclarap

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Learn about Anne W. Massaga

Anna Massaga's Profile

 Anne is of French and African descent. Since a young age, she has been attached to color. Her early years between Africa and Europe, and later time in Cuba gifted her with a unique perspective about life and the world we live in. At the age of 8, Anne and her siblings arrived to Cuba. Without knowing the language, they were sent to schools in La Isla de la Juventud, commonly known in Cuba as “becas”; where kids were completely isolated and cut from the world. During the time spent “becados”, they were only able to spend time with their mother for short periods of time. If lucky enough, they were able to see their mother once a week. However on some occasions, they were able to see their mother once out of the month. 

 Anne absorbed the language, the culture, and the new way of life. Her love for art first came through music. She became a great dancer and participated in local dancing competitions. In fact, dancing and music are a big part of who she is. 

1 of Anne's abstract paintingYears past, she graduated with a degree in mathematics. As a young professional, she started teaching at “escuelas al campo” roughly translated as schools in the countryside and eventually landed a position as a teacher in city of Havana. Because of her educational background, her citizenship, and the ability to speak another language (French), she was later hired by the French Embassy to work for the French School.

 This was a golden period in her life. From mathematics, she transitioned into teaching Spanish and eventually was offered a position in to teach kindergarten. While working in kindergarten she was sent by the school to different countries such as Venezuela, Haiti, France, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge for teaching.

In 2004, Anne decided to take her family to Paris to avoid her son, Said, to be enlisted in military school. She wanted to spare him the vicissitudes of military school in Cuba. Once in France, Said started “le lycée” and adapted to the new way of life. Anne also further her artistic education and took painting classes at a local art “atelier”. In 2007, she and her husband decided to go live to the United States of America where her husband's family resided. 

While in the United States, Anne had to re-validate her degree and pass various certifications to become a French, Spanish, and Math teacher. Eventually, she was hired as a Foreign Language teacher by Academy of Art and Minds in Miami.

In 2018, her art work started being showcased at different local galleries such as the Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment. This is where she met Ricky who was deeply fascinated by her abstract paintings and they recently signed a mutual agreement to have some of her products listed under Ricky's Wall

Anne with her displayed Artwork

Her paintings are open dialogues only restricted by the size of a canvas.

 “Anne transposes her lively memories of early childhood into colorful masterpieces.” 

"Like in Life… not everything is beautiful, but everything makes sense".

"When words won’t tell what’s inside, let the colors you choose and the shapes you form be the language you speak."


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