Our Fans FAQs: Ricky's Wall Updates

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Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions from our fans: 

 1- Is Ricky "Riccardo Joseph" an artist?

No, he is a business-minded professional who is promoting and providing young artists & vendors a platform "Ricky's Wall" to showcase their talents.

 2 - Does Ricky's Wall have a physical Store?

Currently, we don't but Ricky also promotes & sells through private presentation that's why some pieces are only displayed at the frame shop and not published online.

3 - Do you provide Certificate of Authenticity?

Yes, we do and it's at no cost to the buyer.

4 - Do you offer framing options?

Yes, only if you reside in South Florida - Broward, Dade & Palm Beach counties. For framing inquiries, please reach out to us via Chat, email: (info@rickyswall.com) or phone: (800) 480-7210

5 - When can we expect Ricky's Wall first public event?

We are in the planning stage of evaluating events alternatives. However, we are currently cooperating with other institutions such as Eclat Haiti to raise awareness about our products.

A Bonus Pix: we are sorry: this is not a piece of art, this is Ricky😊!!!

Ricky's Profile Picture

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Ricky's Wall After 1 Year

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It has been 1 year already since we dared to enter the Arts & Crafts marketplace. Today, we are making a difference and we are well positioned to maintain our efforts & continue to strive in 2017 thanks to our loyal customers & fans. 

Ricky's Wall is all about uniqueness. What you see on our portal is hand-made, handpainted or customized. The pieces you find on our gallery cannot be found anywhere else. The quality of our items is also improving batches after batches and this is how we are able to build loyalty. Some of our paintings have now reached Mid-Premium level with a minimum introductory price of $1500 and those are primarily reserved for Private Presentation. We have introduced other product lines to bring you diversity & build relationships with other vendors to continue the fight on affordability. NaxesJewels is doing extremely well.

Here is the year in Review based on 2016 Compass Benchmark Report:

Ricky's Wall Report Header

Ricky's Wall Yearly Page Load

Ricky's Wall Time on Site

Ricky's Wall Page per Visit

Ricky's Wall Bounce Rate

We wish we could share more data with you. The Market feels our presence and some competitors are discounting their products at 65%. This means a win to you as a customer. It's clear that this is a tough market to be in because some of these metrics are considered super low if they were being evaluated for a different market. Our current opportunity is to increase our returning visitors to about 30%. Our page load will be a challenge because we are already preparing another launch for an exciting product line. With only $350 spent on marketing in 2016 & to be able to keep our fans happy, we have every reason to mark 2016 as a success. 

Thank you for your support 

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Learn about Nathalie Lubin

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Nathalie Lubin Profile Pix
I was born and raised in Haiti. Every day, on my way to school, looking out the window of my father’s car, the only thing that would really keep me entertained on the road was the colorful paintings and patterns of Street Haitian artists that would adorn the walls of almost every building in the city.
 This daily routine has subconsciously fed my interest in patterns and patches. Most Haitian paintings are filled with several subjects (mostly marketplaces) & colors and patterns weaved into one another.
Nathalie Lubin painting at a very young age
At the age of 18, my mother - probably noticing the artistic skills that I have- installed an artist friend's old easel in my bedroom. It was mine to use, to create. My grandmother gave me my first set of acrylic paint, gouache, and paintbrushes of all sizes that belonged to my late great uncle who had passed away. I had no idea of the artist that slept inside of me until I dared to hold my first filbert brush in my hand. Maybe my peers' energy was channeled through my eyes, hands etc.
 I have spent the past 10 years, painting and teaching art. Selling, and holding several exhibits; some underground and others at brief museums showings. The most interesting part of these exhibits for me has been to hear my critics; what my viewers had to say about my art . Many would not call my art "Haitian".
 I, myself identify as being Haitian, holding the essence of my country in my strokes maybe through the colors, the patterns, the subjects or the stories. However, you will not find the typical merchants, cabins, trees and mystical deities depicted in my art. You will probably relate to my subject or the story being told. You will probably be educated with the different styles that I try to throw on my canvas. My paintings are me. An open book of possibilities.
Nathalie Lubin mixing patterns & colors
 It would probably come as a surprise that, although interested in patterns and the multiplying subjects in Haitian paintings, I've had an uncontrollable love for the art of One; that is art focusing on one subject. I am studying the art of Loneliness. How do I incorporate a certain delineation of patterns and scattered colors to focus the attention on just ONE? For that, I had to create that contrast; where my subject is the one with the patterns and colors; holding patches/pixels that marry one another and become ONE.
 Most of my paintings hold only one subject. One who asks the audience their undivided focus/attention. That is where a certain particularity, uniqueness, grace and beauty is born through the feeling of Loneliness. And just by irony, I tend to balance this "sad" feeling with VIBRANT / BOLD colors.
I am now trying to combine  a collection of Women, symbols and patterns. I'm excited to find a platform "Ricky's Wall" where I can display my pieces.
Nathalie Lubin & her collections

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A Short Profile of Walgens Celeus

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Walgens Celeus Profile Picture
Walgens Celeus was born in Cap Haitian, Haiti on July 2nd 1988. Drawing was his favorite past-time during childhood. Academically, he was very competitive and wanted to be the top of his class during each semester session. In fact, he achieved the highest grade for his school at the National Exam for 6th graders & this is when his journey as a painter has begun. To recognize his academic achievement, he had received a set of painting tools from the F.I.C. (Congregation of Christian Brothers). 
So, at the age of 12 he started painting at the AJAPCA workshop: a Cap Haitian Cooperative for young painters. In 2002, he then joined the group called NEP (an atelier of art focusing on natural landscape). 3 years later, he won the interscholastic drawing contest. In 2006, he attended a workshop on Art History that focused on color composition.
Walgens' Final Touch
Over the years, he became comfortable enough and started teaching at the NEP studio from 2007 until 2009. Thereupon, to improve his business & negotiation skills, he attended another cultural seminar on Small & Mid Business Management certified by the Ministry of Culture & Communication. Today, He is part of the movement called KYEYATIS: an Art Academy designed to promote Haiti's cuisine, music & paintings.
Walgens is in another league. His approach to painting is a bit different since he has mastered a fairly new painting style: Razor Blade Technique. His pieces are unique and defined by a silhouette of colors that strengthen his competitive advantage. His innovative touch, style, texture and technique add value and shape the Haitian Art industry. 

His love for the nature and his educational background inspire him to depict the everyday life & the Haitian landscape. He has already produced for the well known Haitian Rapper Christopher Laroche "Freedom". Below, you will see an abstract portrait he had created depicting the rapper:
Walgens depicts Christopher Laroche
Walgens has already sold more than 600 paintings. Over the years, he has built a loyal fan base in Europe. We have already published 2 of his paintings & today he has partnered with us to release his upcoming collection.

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How Caribbean Culture is shaping America!!!

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Ricky's Wall wanted to share with its audience an event that took place at the White House on June 2016 focusing on the impact of the Caribbean Culture on America and revealing the challenges & opportunities in the Caribbean Market. 
The guests, a panel of Caribbean Musicians, were: Machel Montano & Etienne Charles from Trinidad, Emeline Michel from Haiti & Ryan Leslie from USA.



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Ricky's Wall State of Operations after 8 Months

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It has been 8 months already & we would like to share some details with our fan base. The last 4 months have been a bit challenging simply due to forecasted low seasonality in the art market during Summer seasons. Thanks to your support, we have managed to keep it very entertaining.
      • We entered the Entry Premium market with 9 paintings from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Barbados & Cuba. These Premium paintings are usually listed for about $1200-$1500 minimum on the market. Ricky's Wall supply chain has allowed us to minimize cost and published those pieces for about half the market price.
      • We are now able to frame our paintings based on customer's request. Delivery for our framed pieces is only available in South Florida (Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties). 
      • We continue to WOW our art lovers by exceeding their expectations. We recently sold our most expensive piece and we did capture part of the journey for you.
Here is Ricky at the Frame Shop:
    Ricky at the Frame Shop
    When Ricky arrived at the collector's house:
    Ricky arrived at the Collector's house
    Job Well Done!!!
    Ricky: Job Well Done!!!
        • Our Newsletter Subscribers had the privilege to make offers on our pieces on 6/18 & 6/19. Ricky was live on the chatroom to seal some of the deals.
        • We have replaced the old live chat with a more intuitive & modern interface chat.
        • We have also customized our checkout so that Amazon customers can make purchases with their Amazon Account "Amazon Payments".
        • We have executed our First Giveaway Contest through Fishbowl Prize and the outcome has been excellent. We had over 800 participants who now became subscribers of our Newsletter. Here is the review that Mary Lynn, the winner, submitted to us:
    Mary Lynn's Product Review for Ricky's Wall
        • We have doubled the amount of our followers on Facebook and we have also announced our first Facebook Prize Giveaway. 
        • We are working everyday to improve our SEO performance and once we are satisfied with the results, we will start launching our first Paid Campaigns.

    Below is a sample of our customers Feedback (Part 2):

    Customer Review Part 2

    Hang tight!!! New paintings are on the way & very soon we will publish a new collection created by: Walgens Celeus. Support us by following us on Instagram or Facebook, sharing our content and signing up for our Newsletter.

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    Ricky's Wall's State of Operations after 4 Months

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    Ricky's Wall just celebrated its 4th month as an entity on May 9th. The good news is so far we remain confident and we do not foresee any reasons yet to change our value proposition which is: Affordable, Diverse & Quality Caribbean Artworks.

    We have screened the market and our price still remains very competitive comparing to other galleries with similar products. Signs of diversity are reflected all over our gallery: size, price, subject matter, orientation & texture. Ricky's wall does not sell printed canvas. All the artworks are pieces created by real Artists using mediums of Acrylic or Oil.  We scan and select paintings that are not readily available on the market to make sure that our customers are buying something unique. 

    However, a value proposition's strength can only be assessed by the customers' willingness to support, buy, use & even promote the goods or service of an organization. Riccardo, the owner, understands this very well as a customer champion and when the customers speak, chat or email us, he listens and delivers.

    We started the gallery with 30 x 40 in. paintings. 3 Weeks later, a follower contacted us: "My wall is already filled with all types of artworks. I would like to support you for promoting & selling the oeuvre from the Caribbean but I simply do not have any space left. All I can do is provide you some referrals. Good luck!!!". Thereafter, Ricky's Wall contacted the artists and requested smaller size paintings which would ultimately make our price more competitive. We were able to turn this follower to a customer who purchased 2 of our 12 x 16 in. collections.

    Ricky's Wall tested the market with unstretched paintings and the feedback was about mostly neutral. One customer used our chatroom and said the following "I have bought several unstretched paintings from other galleries before and they are currently collecting dust in my garage. While I really like your arts, It is a bit of inconvenience for me to go stretched them. Would you consider stretching?". We have pivoted by introducing stretched paintings about 2 months ago and instantly the feedback from our Newsletter Subscribers has been positive. We have decided then to stretch the old artworks that were published as unstretched. They are currently being advertised as UPGRADED and in about 2 weeks from now, Ricky's Wall will no longer offer unstretched paintings.

    We wanted to provide the visitors access to our product reviews so we tackled the next big stage which was the implementation of  2 applications on the back-end of the gallery: one that asks for feedback after a purchase and the other that displays the feedback on the site allowing our visitors to know that the reviews posted came from verified buyers. 

    Ricky's Wall is in a better place today thanks to its network: the artists, the art curator, the frame shop, the facilitators, the followers & our special customers. It's a 360 Feedback that never ends and that is why we remain confident. The artists have interesting ideas that we are not able to implement yet either due to strategy or due to lack of logistics. We have recently obtained our SSL certificates to maintain your security & privacy at an optimum level. Now when you go on our gallery you will see the HTTPS followed by our domain name. This simply means that your connection is encrypted.

    We are still testing different aspects of the market & we already assessed our weaknesses. One thing is certain we are not rushing the process and we do celebrate every little win.

    This is what happens when you WOW your customers:

    One of our followers sharing her contentment on Instagram

    Instagram Feedback

    A young couple just moved in and they needed the exact Caribbean touch that we offer:

    A pix sent to us by a customer

    Riccardo did a presentation for a married couple who recently renovated their home. After consultation, they purchased these two paintings. He was also able to help them with other artworks related inquiries. The paintings will undergo framing but to seize the moment we got you an instant pix. They were so happy that they treated him like a special guest but for privacy reasons, we did not publish their pix.

    Ricky posing after closing a sale


    & finally here is a sample of all the customer reviews we have been collected so far:


    Ricky's Wall Customer Reviews

    The community is growing & our foundation is getting stronger. Support us by following us on Instagram or Facebook, sharing our content and signing up for our Newsletter.

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