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Welcome to Ricky’s Wall. Are you curious to know who is Ricky and what Ricky's Wall is all about? You are in the right section. Ricky’s Wall is an online gallery that sells a collection of Arts & Crafts at a competitive rate. Our main focus is to help our Art Aficionados customize their wall décor with diverse & quality handmade & hand-painted artworks from Artists with Caribbean patrimony. 

Most of our featured artworks are unframed to facilitate their delivery channels and minimizing our Shipping costs. However, framing is available for customers who are located in the following Florida counties: Dade, Broward & West Palm. For framing inquiries, please send us an email at info@rickyswall.com or initiate a chat with a specialist on the main page.


Ricky's Wall does not sell Prints. Each piece displayed on the gallery is 100% handmade, handpainted & unique. Some of our paintings are only available for private showings or presentations and thus are not published on the website. The art pieces are stretched and "ready to hang" on a wall. We have also partnered with Naxes Jewels to bring you Bracelets & Necklaces made by Nathalie Jean-Louis. 

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We understand it is a challenge to inspect the quality of any artwork online and to close the gap between the actual art and the online display, we use High Definition cameras that deliver sharp images and a Zoom feature that allows you to capture the minor details.

Our goal is to make any purchases as convenient as possible for the customers. Currently, free shipping is only available within the USA & Canada. There is a flat-free of $50 for all shipments to Europe & $40 for Caribbean destination. Shipping is handled by USPS or DHL (depending on the region). Our return policy is set for a maximum of 10 days after delivery.

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Ricky’s Wall is registered in the State of Florida and begins operations starting January 2016. Riccardo Joseph is the founder of the company. He is a business-minded professional who obtained a Master's degree in Business Administration at Nova Southeastern University and fulfilled leadership positions in the Health Insurance Industry. Today, he wants to contribute to the improvement of the current healthcare delivery model and embrace the Informatics world.

 Delivering superior customer/vendor experience remains the focal point of his dealings. He is passionate about Caribbean culture, food & music. Currently, he is focusing on promoting new artists who are looking for a platform to showcase their artworks. He connects directly with them to maintain engagement and alignment of Ricky's Wall vision. The ultimate goal is to make Handmade Caribbean Arts & Crafts accessible to anyone.

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