A Short Bio of Genenrich Pierre - The Artist behind the Collections

 Genenrich Profile

     Genenrich Pierre also known as “Gerry” was born and raised in Cap Haitian which is considered the second city of Haiti behind Port-au-Prince. After his secondary school graduation from Lycee National Philippe Guerrier, he wanted to become a Doctor but the political instability and the finances of his parents prevented him from reaching this goal.

     As an alternative, he joined the Agricultural Science program at the “Universite Polyvalente D’Haiti”. He did not finish the program (left after 2 years) because he felt this field was not a match for him. He then figured out what his true passion was and started fueling his creativity though Arts.

   Gerry started painting thanks to the influence of his father
Gerry in ActionEliphete Pierre who was well known as a painter in Cap Haitian. He was introduced to art at a very young age. His inspiration is well rooted in his love for the natural environment. His Abstract, Lady & Marine collections published by Ricky’s Wall grab the attention of many art galleries around the world.  










Seascape ViewHis seascape pieces are exciting, unique, colorful and makes you feel the Caribbean vibe. As of today, he is the master of 700 art pieces and many of them were purchased by international tourists. Many of our followers are asking for some variants of the "Topical Islet" piece which was the first artwork that we sold since our opening in January. He is now being challenged with new projects: the use of different mediums & genres of paintings. He has embraced realism and contemporary arts and some of his collections are being published by us: Ricky's Wall.

     Another collection “Fruit Portrait” from his oeuvre is already being processed though it will be published not until mid-June 2016. Here is a sneak peek:


 "When I paint, I'm at peace. I forget about all my problems, I become a Master"  Gerry













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