A Description of the Palette Knife Painting technique

Palette knife is a painting technique that involves the use of a special knife rather than a brush to apply the paints on the canvas. There are multiple types of painting knives and they also come in different shapes allowing the painters to create special effects. This technique is time consuming and it also requires more paint to produce the elevations, the textures & the tiny objects. To give you an idea of what we are talking about, a picture of a set of painting knives available at www.dickblick.com is posted here: 

Palette Knife

Here is a video that Andreas Bu posted on YouTube showing how to paint using palette knife. Enjoy!!!

On 1/24 Ricky’s Wall introduced its first palette knife painting on the gallery entitled “Marketplace for the Local Merchants”. (Click here to view this painting on our gallery). We wanted to expose this painting technique to our audience to create awareness and express our appreciation to all Palette Knife Painters.

Marketplace for the Local Merchants



Riccardo Joseph

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