A description of the Molding Paste Painting Technique!!!

About 3 weeks ago, we presented a painting technique called palette knife. We also posted a picture and loaded a video to facilitate the delivery of our message. This week we are using the same approach to present the “Molding or Modeling Paste technique”.

Modeling Paste is another type of acrylic material that is used to create angles, dimensions & textures to a finished artwork. This acrylic is filled with chemical materials allowing it to maintain its viscosity. The thick paste can be easily manipulated to create variety of background textures using plastic, knives, paper & pre-made shapes. It is usually presented as a WHITE paste and once it is applied to an object, it gets dried relatively fast.

The artist will then add colors to the artwork and this is where it may get tricky. Since the paste is white any color that is applied on the paste tend to be lightened.

Here is a video that Abstractartjournal posted on YouTube showing the use of Modeling Paste on a canvas to create effets. Enjoy!!!


On 2/7 Ricky’s Wall introduced “The Three Caravans” which is one of the paintings on our gallery that was created with Modeling Paste. (Click here to view this painting on our gallery).

 The Three Caravans


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