The difference between Unstretched, Stretched & Framed paintings

During the past 3 months, all the artworks listed on Ricky's Wall were un-stretched meaning that the listed painted Canvas were not framed and did not have any stretcher bars. This week, we have introduced 5 new paintings that are already stretched and ready to hang. We are testing this new option with smaller size paintings: 12x16. We are also looking at the option of offering Stretching even on the artworks that were already published during our inception. With that being said, what is the difference between unstretched -  stretched & framed painting? 

Unstretched painting is a painting that does not contain any stretcher bars on its back to support it. That is the reason we were able to roll your artwork and ship it via mailing tube. Here is an example of Unstretched Painting: 

Fruit Basket

The canvas does not have any height and it is laying flat against the wall

Stretched painting on the other hand means that the painting comes with wood stretcher bars that have been attached against the back of the painting. This simply means that you are now able to hang your painting on a wall once received. The labor and the additional materials needed make stretched painting pricier than an unstretched painting. Since the painting cannot be rolled anymore, mailing tubes can no longer be used as a shipping method. The stretched painting needs to be packaged in a box since it requires more space and special attention to protect the canvas & the wooden stretcher bars. Once a canvas is stretched, the customer will then have the ability to frame the painting if desired. Here is an example of Stretched Painting:

Example of Stretched Artwork

The canvas shows some height/depth which depends on the size of the stretcher bars chosen. It is ready to hang on a wall.

Framed painting is most expensive option for several reasons. Very often, the frame itself is more expensive than the actual piece depending on the designs, textures, types & the depth of the framing materials (metal, wood or a combination). Of course, framing allows you to protect the painting for several years. Currently, Ricky's Wall does not offer any framed paintings. Once we fully master the stretching option, we will start evaluating the option of framing the artworks for our customers. Additional protection & insurance package is usually the norm when shipping framed materials. Here is an example of a framed art piece:


Example of a Framed Artwork 

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