Haiti: Quand La Lentille se fait Palette

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Haiti: Quand La Lentille Se Fait Palette' (French) translates into 'Haiti: When (Photo) Lenses become (a Painter's) Palette' is a dual language French book that includes an accompanying English translation. This oversized hardcover book features over 140 stunning photographs shot in Haiti's countryside by Monsieur Henri (Henri Cayard). This book is beautifully packaged in a hardcover sleeve. Many of the 140-plus vibrant colored photographs are accompanied by descriptive titles, texts and articles. This book is a Must-own for anyone who has a love for Art, Photography, Nature, Travel, Humanity and Haiti.


Language: French & English (side by side)

ISBN: 978-9993549079

Style: Hardcover

Print Length: 200 pages

Printing: Grissom Company

Exposition: 2013


Learn more about the Artist: Henri Cayard



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